Tree Trimming & Removal

Are you looking for an honest, high quality, and affordable tree service? Well, you found us! John’s Tree Service in Russellville, AR, has been providing services to the area for more than 25 years. Our services can help you maintain a healthy and safe tree. Whether you need your tree or a stump removed, our experts are prepared to take on any job including a routine tree trimming, which is essential to your tree’s health. 

There are several benefits to tree trimming: first, it can prevent dead limbs from falling, which can cause even bigger expenses. By hiring our professionals, you’re protecting yourself and others from injury and your home from costly damages. Trimming your trees also allows them to grow vibrantly and healthier by allowing room for new branches to grow in place of the old ones. Trees are living beings just like us. This means they can contract disease and it can spread to the rest of the tree unless it’s treated by trimming off the infected branches and limbs.

In addition to tree trimming, we provide a variety of other services including tree removal, stump grinding, as well as tree trimming and more. Our highly trained professionals have the tools available to effectively perform any task.

tree pruning

Services We Offer:

  • Tree Trimming
  • Stump Grinding
  • Tree Removal